Computer Support and FAQs About Warranty Policies



After Sales & Tech Support

MicroDISC provides complete after sales technical support of all products it produces. When products are ordered, the customer’s operational requirements are usually detailed sufficiently as part of the order that the final testing done at MicroDISC prior to delivery verifies the product will meet every form, fit, and function need the customer requires. After delivery, some end users contact MicroDISC prior to installation or power-up for additional set-up & configuration support. Such after sales technical support is encouraged as MicroDISC wants to be an active partner in providing technical support to the customers for products MicroDISC produces . MicroDISC maintains a staff of qualified technicians with continuing training to meet any and all customer technical support requirements. These technicians are available to contact by phone, email or by directly visiting the MicroDISC facility.

Lifecycle Support

MicroDISC provides full Life Cycle Support for all products it produces and can provide support for products from other manufacturers. To MicroDISC, life cycle support means exactly what it says, “FULL TECHNICAL SUPPORT FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE”. MicroDISC has an Obsolescence Engineering team that regularly monitors items using “what if scenarios” attending trade shows & technology seminars and working with manufacturers’ production timelines to mitigate obsolescence issues as products mature thru their life cycle to legacy support status. MicroDISC has a proven history in resolving problems when equipment ages and critical components become obsolete and no longer manufactured, or software no longer works when hardware is upgraded.


MicroDISC computer systems come with a three-year limited warranty. You can access all information about our three-year limited warranty for systems purchased by clicking on the link below and downloading a PDF of our warranty.

MicroDisc Product Warranty 2017


Do build-to-order requests come with lifecycle support?


Do you offer lifecycle support?

Yes, read all about Microdisc’s lifecycle support here.

Who makes your processors?

We have access to Intel’s roadmaps at least 9 months down the line, thus we are able to provide our customers with information early on so they can plan ahead. We are able to inform our customers where technology is headed in the future.

Where do you conduct product testing?

All product testing is done in the USA.

Where are the system integrations done?

All system integrations are done in the USA.

Where is your product labor done?

All product labor is done in the USA.